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Web Application Development

Hormar Technologgy is having a strong Web Development wing, which is enriched with various technologies i.e. Ajax, ASP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Node.Js, Angular Js, Java, etc. We are using various frameworks as per our clients’ requirements. We provide end-to-end solution and follow the most standard process to accomplish any project.

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Mobile App Development

The enterprise world today has been taken over by a storm of mobile applications developed on various platforms such as the iOS and Android. There are numerous apps coming into the app market every day. Enterprises today have resorted to a unique way for reaching out to their customers on a more personal level, through mobile apps.

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Desktop Application Development

Our .NET wing has expertise on desktop / windows applications and drivers for the Windows operating system as we use Win32 and COM application programming interface (API), designed primarily for development in C and C++, and support development for both 32- and 64-bit Windows.

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Infra Support

When you can’t find what your looking for, before turning to a bespoke solution talk to us to find out how to minimise the risks and get the best out of a new project.

24×7 Tech Support

What are the options available, manage it yourself or ask a supplier to do it for you. Ensuring the right strategy is in place that fits the goals of your organisation.

Application Support

We fix application and system problems, or any incident that is disrupting the application service that business users depend on.






Hormar Technologies goes live in a new avatar!

Hormar Technologies goes live in a new avatar – a new website. A

7 years ago